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Ressources en ligne / On line resources

There are a lot of resources available to help you to stay in touch with French culture and language from home. Here are a few suggestions for you to try.  (Click on the links in blue):  


  • TV series in French are available on Netflix (with English or French subtitles if you want them).  You can search on google for 'French programs on Netflix'.  You could try '10 per cent' (Call My Agent) which is funny, has lots of contemporary dialogue and each episode features a French star playing themselves. Or the hit serial 'Lupin' which everyone has been talking about.

  • There are many French podcasts on the internet.  RTL and Europe 1 have a huge range for example. 

  • If you want a more intermediate level of French, you could visit the website 'Inner French'.  Each of these podcasts has a full transcription available to aid your understanding.

  • There are many TED talks in French on YouTube.  You can use 'settings' to select English or French subtitles if you wish. Sandra Meunier's 14 minute talk is a fascinating and inspiring example.

  • Try Coffee Break French - To Go.  You can watch ordinary members of the public answering a question in French.  Click on this link for an example: "What annoys you?" 

  • Full length documentaries like Des Racines et Des Ailes are also available on YouTube

  • You can watch Arte and BFM on the internet

We're sure you have your own favourites and we'd love to hear your suggestions.

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