Programme - 2020 / 2021

The Mid-Sussex Franco-British Society has become a member of a new grouping of UK-wide French cercles which have come together offering support by sharing zoom presentations by French speakers. A selection of these is being regularly passed on to members.

Many of the speakers are high-quality professional conférenciers which in normal circumstances our Society would find difficult to afford.   If you are not familiar with Zoom we would encourage you to learn how to link in to these talks so that you can benefit from this new source of knowledge and interest.  A member of the Committee is standing by to help so please let us know if you require any assistance. It is easier than you think!


Details of the topics available via Zoom will be circulated to members and we will continue to do this until we can resume activities in the normal way.

So far, members of the Mid-Sussex Franco-British Society have been invited to participate in the following zoom presentations:

16 September: Marie Curie
8 October: Aix-en-Provence, ville d’eaux, ville d’art
16 October: Champs Elysées
5 November: Le XXème siècle « dessiné » par Tintin
11 November: Simone de Beauvoir – une femme engagée

3 December: Charles Aznavour

4 December: Lyon – La Fête des Lumières

9 December: Mid-Sussex Franco British Society - Soirée Amicale (on Zoom)
10 December: Annecy La Belle

11 December: L’Anglophillie de Voltaire

If any member would like help with zoom, please contact the secretary who will gladly pass his/her request to a member of the Committee who will be pleased to assist. (It is easier than you think!)